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          1. NEWS

            XURUI ALLOY

            Why are the parts of the mill easy to wear


            In the previous introduction of mill knowledge, we have shared with you a lot of little knowledge about the mill, such as the maintenance and maintenance of the mill, the inspection and replacement of the vulnerable parts of the mill. Today I want to share with you why the mill parts are easy to wear, and users who do not know need to pay attention to it.
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            Handan City developed a metal powder water (gas) atomization powder complete equipment


            Recently, the city's key science and technology project "metal powder water (gas) atomization milling equipment" undertaken by Handan **company passed the expert acceptance, marking that the city's enterprises have made new breakthroughs in the research and development of metal powder manufacturing equipment. It provides reliable technical and equipment support for the production of my country's high-end metal powder industry.
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            Powder preparation technology is the basis of modern powder metallurgy and product industrialization.


            Powder preparation technology is the basis of modern powder metallurgy and product industrialization, and is the forerunner of the development of related emerging industries. The wide application of high-performance and low-cost powder manufacturing technology has promoted the progress of powder metallurgy technology, which has become a very active frontier field of material science and engineering technology research. The powder produced by atomization method has accounted for 80% of the total powder in the world today, of which the powder produced by gas atomization method accounts for 30% ~ 50%, that is to say, nearly half of it is completed by gas atomization technology.
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